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Hephaestian (Dual Kit) - City States


Box Contents

?    Dual Kit. 1 Plastic Monster Miniature (Hephaestian or Promethean)
?    1 Plastic Monster Base and Tray
?    2 Command Cards

Product Information

?    Assembly: Required. 
?    Box size: 3030x6cm; 300grs
?    Material: Plastic
?    Scale: 38mm, Miniature Height: 17cm


In Game Role

?    Battlefield Role: Spellcasting Monster
?    Class: Heavy
?    Type: Monster

In Game Role

?    Battlefield Role: Spellcasting Monster
?    Class: Heavy
?    Type: Monster


While the Titans were convinced of the need to aid the Scholae and their Founder in their efforts, not all of them agreed how. The Prometheans chose to aid them by sharing with them the secrets of Creation, the Hephaestian chose a different path: that of Destruction. Looking upon mankind and worried of what they would make of the weapons they had been gifted, the Hephaestian’s chose instead to become the weapons bringing their overwhelming power onto the battlefield on behalf of their mortal allies. 

How they Play:

Sharing the same impressive stat line as the Promethean, the Hephaestian acts as front line brawler, unleashing destruction upon Enemy Regiments nearby. Unlike other Spellcasters however, the Hephaestian’s spellcasting prowess is directly related to the Hits caused to Enemy Regiments, during a Clash Action. Make sure to keep him close to the front lines for maximum effect!

WARNING: Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small parts. Essential pointed components.


Data sheet

City States
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